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Welcome to
Mind Body Business!
I’m Tim, a Certified Business & Life Coach for Alternative Health Professionals- including Practitioners, Health Coaches, and Healers. I’m here to help you transform your business one step at a time- whether you’re just starting out, you're winding down, or you're somewhere in between, I offer unique programs for the stage your business and life are currently in. I specialize in working with practitioners in the chronic illness community, the same community that has changed my life over these past 6 years.
I offer both 1 on 1 business coaching as well as writing services. Some people are looking to learn to run their business more effectively themselves, and some are looking for a teammate to support them in taking over some tasks for a period of time so they can focus their energy on helping more people heal.
There are so many healers & practitioners who never share their gifts, or are never able to make a career in this space, because they were never taught how to run a business. And this keeps them from following their passion of helping people heal.
Even if you run your coaching business solely online, you are running a practice. This takes a lot of work and oversight! Managing the business side of your practice while also being an incredible practitioner is trying to balance multiple jobs at once. My goal is to help your business continue to grow, make your back end systems more efficient, and allow you to spend more time helping your clients and patients heal.
I guide health and wellness coaches and practitioners to  run more efficient practices, reach their target audience, discover new revenue streams, set and attain goals, and develop sustainable avenues for bringing in clients over the long term- all while building a unique brand, delivering a clear, concise, and consistent message, and turning your audience into raving fans.
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Fundamental Elements of our Coaching:

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Clarity & Alignment
  3. Growth Strategies
  4. Personal Branding
  5. Systems & Back End
  6. Presentation, Meeting, & Sales Skills
  7. Personal Coaching
  8. Ongoing Communication & Support

Writing Services:

* Blog Writing

* Website Copy Editing

* Content Writing

* Content Planning & Calendars

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Mind Body Business Mission

After my career was sidelined by chronic illness, it was the practitioners & healers in this community who have helped me to get my life back.  My mission is to utilize my background, education, and certifications in the world of business to allow both those battling chronic illness and their practitioners to find more peace, balance, and joy in their lives.

Too many practitioners & healers are unable to serve others because they have something holding them back: blocks to success, insufficient bandwidth, or they've never been taught how to run a business.  I aim to support practitioners & healers in running more effective practices so they can help more people overcome chronic illness:

  • Teaching you to run an effective business while staying authentic and true to your values as a practitioner,
  • Taking the difficulty and headache out of running your practice so that your BEST hours and energy go towards helping your clients to heal, and
  • Helping you save time in your business and approach it differently so you can cherish more of the time you have with the people you love, without sacrificing the results you get in your business