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Learn More About Working With Me

My Approach & Who I Specialize With

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My Approach

My philosophy is every health and wellness practitioner is, in fact, a business owner. I feel this can often get overlooked, largely because the majority are running online practices and are doing it solo. There are 3 distinct skill sets to most of your jobs:
*Being a health & wellness expert
*Being a coach and guide to your clients
*Being a business expert
Realistically, no one can be excellent at all of these. Choosing your zones of excellence is essential to thriving as your practice moves forward.
With a physical practice, in order for it to be successful, it almost always has either a full-time business operations manager or a consultant. The medical professionals just do not have the time, energy, or proper expertise to dedicate sufficient focused time to make sure the business is running optimally. 
Although your practices often are run online, they are still health practices, and they require special care and attention to make sure that they are not only successful, but thriving. Having a partner to evaluate your business operations and ensure synergy can allow for more consistent success, less headaches, and most importantly, allow you to spend the more time focusing on positive outcomes for your patients and clients.



Our Work With Clients


My focus is to work alongside you to understand you and your business, and how I can be the best resource to you while gaining clarity on your unique skills and passion. I assist in the areas of:
  •      marketing
  •      sales
  •      business strategy and planning
  •      operations
  •      efficiency
  •      growth channels & strategies
  •      and much more
Some of the specifics include:
1. Growing your followers
2. Converting more of your followers into clients
3. Shifting into new markets
4. Creating new sources of revenue
5. Generating more consistent and streamlined branding that people will recognize
6. Helping you run effective meetings
7. Treating your practice more like a business without it feeling like one
I also help you to create actual projects and deliverables, such as a target client profiles and work relations criteria structure.

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Who I Work With

I specialize in working with those who serve the chronic illness community, and those who dedicate themselves to helping so many of us find our way back to health.
  • Health Coaches
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Integrative Wellness Coaches
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioners
  • Bioenergetic Practitioners
  • Healers of all kinds
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Nutritionists & Dieticians
  • MBSR Practitioners
  • And more…

I am for anyone who is:
  • Just starting out
  • Thinking about starting out but needs guidance on creating the best initial path for themselves
  • Considering expanding their practice, or taking on a partner
  • Making any significant change in their business (adding a new revenue source or technology, shifts like scheduling or the type of client you work with, and so forth)
  • Frustrated they’re not bringing in the number of clients they would like to
  • Wants to start working less but doesn’t know how to feasibly make this happen
  • Not reaching and attracting their ideal client
  • Having challenges on the business side and could use an expert to navigate towards a solution



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