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What makes me different and allows me to be valuable as a coach is my unique combined experience:

1) In my career
  • I ran a highly successful business in financial services, until chronic illness interrupted my path.
  • My financial coaching clients  were mainly medical professionals and business owners. I have been learning intricate details about both sides of medicine (i.e. the business side + being a patient) for well over a decade. I also learned a great deal about our medical system, the day to day work of medical professionals, and how practices are run.
  • My education, background, & experience is in building businesses, communications, interpersonal skills, business development, finance, and alternative healthcare.
2) As a patient
  • I have been operating as YOUR audience for the past 5-6 years, navigating the overwhelming world of chronic illness and seeking the proper practitioners for myself as I continue to heal.
  • I've had to search extensively  to find precisely what I’m looking for in order to heal. Over the past 6 years I have worked with multiple nutritionists, dietitians, NTPs, MBSR coaches, spiritual coaches, and health coaches, among others. I see the value in your work, it has changed my life.
  • I am a certified herbalist and Reiki practitioner, which has given me a deeper understanding and love for your world. I understand the language and how subtle differences in approaches or treatment actually mean a major difference between what you and someone else does, as well as who would be looking for which modalities and how to connect a potential patient with the right practitioner.


3) As a coach:

I am a certified business coach, life coach, herbalist, & Reiki practitioner.
I have been mentoring other professionals for over a decade, helping them find their path to success. Great coaching requires empathy, creativity, listening, and resourcefulness. I love to give my clients the space to work through their challenges with me at their side; every person, especially in this space, is extremely unique. I take that seriously and never try to come into a new conversation pretending I already know what's going on.
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My Story


At 33 years old I am reinventing myself after a series of life-altering events pulled me out of a successful career and, set me on a path to reclaiming my health and finding my true identity.
I began my career as a financial coach & financial services representative, where I helped families navigate the complicated world of personal finance. I specialized in working with medical professionals, in particular doctors and physician assistants, as well as small business owners. I guided these families through the overwhelming decisions involving money, with the goal of taking the stress out of finances by examining an array of simple and complex day to day decisions together, so that they could put their energy towards patient care and spend more time with the people they love.


Health Journey, What Led me to Here

Suddenly in late 2016, I went from being a vibrant, driven 26 year old to someone who was unable to get out of bed some days. I have been battling chronic illness since: Chronic Lyme Disease, CIRS, and the familiar counterparts that go along with them. I attempted to keep my business afloat for several years, however it became more and more challenging to do so and in 2018 I was forced to walk away from my business as it was clear that my health needed my undivided attention.
Since then I have been on a healing journey- one that has led me through remarkable challenges, to multiple countries, introduced me to things that I never thought would be part of my life, and brought so many new people and ideas into my world. I am a different person, and I am proud to be able to say that.
A lot of the changes I needed to implement took time, as they do for so many: diet, lifestyle, and the very way we live our day to day lives. Despite how much health has always been a priority for me, I  like so many was never taught how to understand food labels or to understand how to think uncommonly when it comes to health. Once I began to find some amazing health and wellness coaches to support me, educate me, and cheer me on I began to set a stage for personal growth that would invite healing into my life.

Ready to see everything your practice can do?

I'm thrilled you're here. I would love to learn more about you, your business, your goals, and if I can complement everything you're already doing.
You can schedule a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call  with me so I can answer you're questions and to see if we are a great fit to work together.