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Mind Body Business' Writing Services


* Blog Writing 
* Website Copy Editing
* Content Writing
* Content Planning & Calendars 


I. Blog Writing

          Starting at $75 per article

Done-for-you articles

  • Showcasing your knowledge, personality, and experience to your target audience in an interesting, educational, and fun way, while highlighting your products and services
  • Customizable length, frequency, & more

II. Website Copy Editing

          Starting at $250

  • For someone who either didn’t spend much time on the content of their website starting out, or wants to clean it up to make things clearer: who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what solutions you offer to which challenges.
  • We speak before, once I have a draft, and ensure you’re happy with the final copy.


III. Content Writing + Content Planning & Calendars

          Varying options to meet your needs

Coming up with ideas, delivering complex information that everyone can understand, and knowing how to show up consistently week after week is NOT easy!

  1. Content calendar (starting at $100/M)
  2. Content idea development (starting at $75/M)
    1. Have trouble developing ideas for content that are easy to write and also appeal to your audience? I’m here for you!
  3. Presentation or reel speech creation (Starting at $125/M)
  4. Basic content strategy (Starting at $250/M)
    1. Combining 2 or more of the aforementioned elements

Interested in Learning More about Our Writing Services? Fill out This Form, or Schedule a Complementary Call Below

A 20 minute conversation to ask your questions & see if we can provide solutions to what you're looking for help with!

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